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Is someone accusing you of harassment or disorderly conduct? New York’s harassment laws are both broad and complex. If you’re facing these charges, you’ll need help. However, if you’re in the Gates, NY area, there’s help. Attorney David Wade is a lawyer who can represent clients accused of disorderly conduct and harassment in court. He’s a reliable, competent lawyer who serves clients in these areas:

  • Rochester, NY
  • Avon, NY
  • Brockport, NY
  • Chili, NY
  • Gates, NY
  • Greece, NY
  • Henrietta, NY
  • Hilton, NY
  • Livingston County, NY
  • Monroe County, NY
  • Webster, NY

Call attorney Wade today – discounts available for teachers, college students, and military veterans!

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David Wade's expertise for your legal battles in Rochester. Dedicated, experienced, and ready to fight for you.

New York Harassment Laws

New York defines harassment as any action an offender takes to harass, annoy, threaten, or alarm a victim. There are four different types of harassment in New York. They include:

  • Second-degree harassment – a less-serious harassment charge: This statute includes any situation where an offender hits or threatens to hit the victim, follows the victim in public or causes the victim alarm or annoyance. Second-degree harassment is a violation-level offense that is punishable by fines but no jail time.
  • Aggravated second-degree harassment – Class A misdemeanor: This occurs when an offender commits second-degree harassment and meets a number of other conditions. This crime can land an offender in jail for up to one year.
  • First-degree harassment – Class B misdemeanor: This crime includes any situation where an offender intentionally follows a victim in public or does something that makes the victim fear for their safety. First-degree harassment is punishable by up to three months in jail, $500 in fines, or both.
  • Aggravated first-degree harassment – Class E felony: An offender is guilty of this crime when they commit first-degree harassment because of a victim’s race, ancestry, disability, gender, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. For example, spray-painting swastikas or burning crosses are both aggravated first-degree harassment offenses. This crime is punishable by up to three years in prison.

If someone is accusing you of harassment, it’s important to consult a lawyer. That’s the best way to stay out of jail and maintain a clean criminal record. Don’t represent yourself. That’s inviting trouble. Instead, enlist the help of an attorney to clear your name in a harassment case.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Disorderly conduct is similar to harassment. While harassment is an action intended to annoy, threaten, or alarm a single victim, disorderly conduct includes any situation where an offender performs these actions on a large scale. Disorderly conduct can include situations like:

  • Disturbing a lawful public assembly.
  • Obstructing traffic.
  • Fighting or engaging in other threatening behavior.
  • Refusing to follow a police officer’s lawful demands.

Punishment for disorderly conduct is significantly lighter than harassment charges, though. If the state finds an offender guilty of disorderly conduct, they’ll face up to 15 days in prison and $250 in fines. An attorney can use a number of defenses to argue their innocence. However, a lawyer cannot use a citizen’s First Amendment rights as a defense in a disorderly conduct case.

Consult With a Harassment Attorney Today

If you’re facing harassment or disorderly conduct charges in the Gates, NY area, don’t worry. There’s help. Call attorney Wade to discuss your case. With a career spanning more than ten years, he has helped countless clients. He can also help you perform a number of crucial tasks. These include:

  • Drafting legal documents or pleadings and filing them with the court.
  • Negotiating with the prosecution.
  • Following court regulations and deadlines.
  • Representing you in court.

Don’t try to represent yourself. Instead, trust a professional. Don’t wait. Call attorney Wade today. He offers discounts available for college students, teachers, and veterans!

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