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    Defend Your Right

    Fight for Justice

    Expert legal defense when you need it most. Protect your future with David Wade.

    Unparalleled Legal Expertise

    Defending Your Freedom

    David Wade’s approach to legal representation is unique. He combines deep legal expertise with a personal touch, ensuring that each client feels heard, respected, and fiercely represented. Whether it’s a DUI, assault case, theft, or a personal injury matter, David Wade dives deep into the nuances of each case, crafting strategies that align with the specific needs and goals of his clients.

    Know Your Rights

    Protect Your Future by Partnering with an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in the Rochester, NY, Area

    A criminal conviction can have long-lasting and life-changing consequences. If you have been accused of a crime, then it’s important to contact a criminal defense lawyer in a timely fashion. David Wade is a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended many clients. When your future is on the line, you can trust David to provide you with dependable legal advice and assertive representation in court. He will fight to have your charges dropped or to minimize the penalties you receive. If you are near Rochester, NY, then consider contacting him today.

    As a lawyer, Attorney Wade has experience with DUI and traffic law, domestic violence and assault cases, theft, and much more. He understands the intricacies of the law and will work diligently to help you pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

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    Get a Free Consultation for DWI!

    Dedication to His Clients Extends Beyond the Courtroom

    You Need a Knowledgeable Attorney to Advocate for Your Rights

    Facing criminal charges from the state is nerve-wracking. You likely don’t know how to proceed – maybe you’ve never even been to court before. Whether you’re a first-time or repeat offender, an attorney is a crucial part of your legal defense. A qualified criminal defense lawyer can help you reduce the punishments you face or get your charges dismissed entirely.

    They can complete a myriad of valuable legal tasks like:

    • File documents and motions in your case.
    • Navigating the criminal court process.
    • Knowing when to accept a plea deal and when to take your case to trial.
    • Negotiating with the prosecution.
    • Ensuring compliance with any court-mandated deadlines.

    Without a criminal defense attorney’s help, your criminal case will crumble. If you’re facing criminal charges and aren’t sure how to proceed, call attorney David Wade. With more than a decade of legal practice under his belt, he has experienced everything the court can throw at a criminal defense attorney. He also has cultivated several connections in the local court system that he can leverage to help his clients win their cases. Contact David Wade, Attorney at Law today – discounts are available for college students, veterans, and teachers.


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    When You’ve Been Injured and Need Representation to Recover Compensation, Call David Wade

    Did you receive an injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Did that injury leave you disabled and unable to go to work or attend classes for any length of time? These kinds of situations can be extremely frustrating. Not only are you facing serious adversity, but none of this was your fault in the first place. Luckily, you have options.

    Personal injury law allows victims who received an injury from another party’s negligence to sue them for financial restitution.

    You can use personal injury laws to collect financial compensation for damages like:

    • Any medical costs you’ve already incurred from your injury and any that you subsequently receive.
    • Rehabilitation expenses to return your body to working order.
    • Pay for missed time from work.
    • Disbursements for permanent disability or disfigurement from your accident.

    However, you’ll need a lawyer to help you win your personal injury claim. While it’s not legally required, it will significantly increase your chances of winning your case. Fortunately, attorney David Wade is an experienced and assertive personal injury lawyer. With Attorney Wade in your corner, it will help you even the playing field between you and the people who are responsible for your injury. Call now if you’re near Rochester, NY, to request a consultation and learn more.

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    Practice Areas


    DUI & DWI

    Dedicated DUI defense services, offering strategic legal representation to mitigate consequences and protect your driving rights.


    Traffic Offenses

    Reputable traffic law representation, aimed at resolving violations efficiently to safeguard your license and reduce fines.


    Violent Offenses

    Aggressive defense for assault charges, focused on protecting your rights and achieving the best possible legal outcome.


    Domestic Offenses

    Compassionate yet strong legal defense in domestic violence cases, ensuring your side is heard and rights defended.


    Drug Offenses

    Specialized legal representation for drug crime charges, employing robust defense strategies to challenge evidence and accusations.


    Property Offenses

    Skilled legal defense for theft charges, focusing on reducing penalties and clearing your name with strategic representation.


    Other Violations

    Sensitive and determined legal support in sexual harassment cases, advocating for justice and your personal dignity.


    Auto & Trucking Accidents

    Legal assistance for car accident cases, ensuring fair compensation and representation in insurance and liability disputes.


    Slip & Fall

    Diligent legal services for slip and fall incidents, securing rightful compensation for injuries and negligence claims.

    hero criminal defence rochester ny





    David Wade is an excellent attorney. He is in contact with you as much as you want/need. Mr. Wade walked me through every step of the process making it easier to get through it and understand what was happening. He is punctual and at the end of the day, he saved my life. Had I went with a public attorney for my DWI case I more than likely would have lost all hope for my future career plans. If you do make a bad choice, fix it by making the right one. That choice is to hire Mr. David Wade!





    Every encounter I had David’s full attention. He gave expert advice and was helpful the whole process. He has a lifetime client (hopefully won’t ever need his services again, but if I do I know who to call). Thanks again Mr. wade





    David Wade did an excellent job communicating with me prior to my court date to ensure I had a clear understanding of what was taking place. He was easy to reach and efficient, as he was always available via call or text. He arrived on the court date early (before me) to discuss any offers for reducing my ticket. He was successful and when I stood before the judge it was approved and My three point ticket was immediately reduced to a 0 point parking ticket! He allowed for everything to run smoothly and made sure there were no complications.





    I contacted David Wade to help with a legal issue. David was very kind and caring regarding my specific situation. He immediately started working on my case in a very timely fashion and kept me in the know regarding everything that was going on behind the scenes and with paperwork. He made meetings to sign forms very easy, accommodating and quick. From start to finish David was amazing and compassionate towards my needs. I highly recommend him.



    Krystyna S

    David Wade is an amazing lawyer! He walked me through the whole process, kept me updated on things and was an all around a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a lawyer!

    Google Reviews


    Bailey Brown

    David was incredibly kind, helpful, and quick to work. After initially contacting him he walked me through what he can do and demonstrated his familiarity with the Rochester area, bringing me comfort in his ability to handle local law. Significantly quicker than I’d expected, he got my ticket entirely dismissed and waived me of my stress. Would absolutely recommend his services to anyone in need.

    Google Reviews


    Orlando Ayala

    This man cut through legal problems like a hot knife through butter , always responds immediately, HE IS a CHAMPION ATTORNEY AT LAW , You definitely get 💰 for what you pay for !!!!!!!

    Google Reviews


    Jerry Cintron

    Mr. Wade promptly responded to my telephone call. He told me exactly how much his fee would be and how he would proceed to resolve the situation. He did everything he said he would do and the outcome was very satisfactory. My husband and I are very grateful to him and his knowledge of the law. We found Mr. Wade to be a very sincere and personable attorney who would not hesitate to promptly respond to various questions we had during the whole process. Thank you Mr. Wade.

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    CM z

    David answered my questions when I couldn’t get answers. David is Awesome!! Thank u David!!

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    Clare Smith

    Our family worked with David for 7 months and he was very professional. He spent a lot of time on all of our questions and concerns. David kept us in the loop of all that was going on. He is very knowledgable and has excellent communication skills in and out of the court room. I highly recommend David on multiple levels. It was a pleasure to work with him even in our difficult family situation.

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    R L

    Rating Mr. Wade is very easy. I had to use his service twice and both times while yet I was a client I honestly felt we’ve known each other for years. His ear to listen, his guidance, his knowledge of the law, his price and the fact he don’t make you feel like it’s all about the money. I no longer calls him just my attorney but I also calls him my brother and my friend. I must admit I hate the way we met but I’m glad the good Lord had him waiting for me.

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    Pat Fuller


    Google Reviews


    Service Areas

    David Wade assists everyone in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas.

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